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Microstock agencies promote their business by using referral / affiliation programs useful to drive new contributors and new buyers to their websites. If you join these programs, you can earn extra incomes. You have to publish affiliation links on your blog, website, social media profile, e-mail, etc. to refer new contribs and buyers.

Here you can find a summary of the referral / affiliation programs and commissions of the microstock agencies. You can also see the format of the referral link (in this case with my different refer ID). I'm having good result from Dreamstime and Shutterstock affiliation programs (thanks to all my affiliates!).

Shutterstock  http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=5759

  • Refer Photographers: you will receive $0.03 on their downloads
  • Refer Photo Buyers: You will earn 20% of all the sales you generate

Dreamstime  http://www.dreamstime.com/#res230592

  • You will receive a $5 bonus for signing up referral program; you must display at least one site badge on your website in a visible place
  • for every new referred user that buys something from the site, Dreamstime awards you 10% from each of their buying transactions. This applies for 3 years
  • for every new referred photographer that uploads images on the site, Dreamstime awards you 10% from all their sales, for 3 years after their registration

iStockphoto  http://www.istockphoto.com/index.php?refnum=rmarinello

  • $10 USD every time a new member, referred by you, makes his first purchase within the first 14 days of membership

Fotolia  http://www.fotolia.com/partner/203571571

  • Affiliation commission (buyer) = 15 % of net (sales price – photographer commission).  This applies for 1 year
  • 20 offered Credits if your affiliate buyer subscribes to Fotolia
  • Fotolia no longer pays for referred contributors

StockXpert uses Jupiterimages program available through the Commission Junction Membership.

123RF  http://www.123rf.com/#Amosnet

  • You get paid (from $2.25 for 15 Credits to $74.85 for 3 month premium) when someone you refer buys credits or subscribes. This apply for a year
  • You get paid (from $0.10 for Blog format to $2.00 for an Extended License)  when your Photographer Friend sells their photos. This apply for 6 months

Bigstockphoto  http://www.bigstockphoto.com/?refid=NC8dNSYyZ5

  • Commission Payments for Referring New Photo Buyers: when a new referred photo buyer makes a purchase from your affiliate link, you earn 35% of that sale. Many buyers purchase $40 – $300 in credits, which would earn you $14.00 – $105.00
  • Commission Payments for Referring New Photographers: when a new referred photographer achieves 75 approved photo uploads you earn $5.00

Canstockphoto  http://www.canstockphoto.com/?r=29055

  • From Purchases: You will earn a flat 10% of that member's purchases, within 6 months, up to $50
  • From Photographers: You will earn $5 for every 50 photos that they sell within 6 months, up to $50

Panthermedia  http://www.panthermedia.net/?aff=12875

  • 10% commission from the subtotal (net revenue) received
  • 10% commission from the subtotal (net revenue) made by a promoted photographer

Crestock http://www.crestock.com/7301/

  • You earn 50% commission on all purchases by customers you recruit for the first 6 months of their membership
  • You get 10% commission on all image sales made by contributors you recruit, also for 6 months (this does not affect the percentage they get from their sales)

Example of Dreamstime affiliation banner with referral code
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  1. Hi Roberto, thanks for this resume.
    What about stockexpert ? Their referall programs it looks very complex to me. Anyone had experience on this ?

    Thanks, Regards.

  2. Don’t forget crestock – they might have high standards and low commission for photographers, but for referring buyers they are a clear winner earning 50% commission for 6 months.

    Also, I’ve never had any problems with CJ – I’ve been with the for at least 8 years, but I wouldn’t recommend the stockxpert program there

  3. Thanks you so much for these list. I am a vectors artist and marketer …still getting knowledge to make it fine more to sell for higher price…

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