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What are the most popular microstock clichés? Let's discover them through Fotolia. We can visit the Fotolia's “from this month Best Sellers” page (here a screenshot)

Fotolia's Bestsellers page

or we can browse round the Top Selling contributors portfolios to know them and  to see what are their most popular works. A special thanks to Amos Struck for his Microstock Photo Plugin for WordPress that let me buy and insert, in a few clicks, all the Fotolia's pictures of this post, directly with caption, referral links, title, alternate text.

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Multi-ethnic pile of hands © Yuri Arcurs #5270375

A classic pile of hands, people formally dressed, business team concept.

Full Yuri's porfolio

Multi-ethnic pile of hands
© Yuri Arcurs –

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business team work © Andres Rodriguez #4665940

Business work team concept with the addiction of another great cliché:  jigsaw

Full Andres' Portfolio

business team work
© Andres Rodriguez –

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your empty board © ioannis kounadeas #2204090

Puppet illustration with a big copy space board for slogan personalization

Full Ioannis' Portfolio

your empty board
© ioannis kounadeas –

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House under construction with energy ratings © Kirsty Pargeter #10067668

Real Estate and energy saving concepts all in one photo

Full Kirsty's Porfolio

House under construction with energy ratings
© Kirsty Pargeter –

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Smiling pretty business woman with headset © Kurhan #6166346

Typical image used for help desk and customer care purposes, pretty girl and headset

Full Kurhan's Portfolio

Smiling  pretty business woman with headset. .
© Kurhan –

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And now a couple of samples from two of the Fotolia's Italian Top Selling contributors

fiocco oro © #8026579

One of the most popular subjects: Christmas and New Year celebration, here represented by a versatile golden ribbon

fiocco oro
© –

Full Piumadaquila's Porfolio

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wine 50 © olly #6498369

A bit of Italian Style with a charming brunette with a glass of red wine

brunette with a glass of red wine
© olly –

Full Olly's Porfolio

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If you like to explore these kind of challenging subjects (very popular but with an high quality required due to the hard competition), I suggest to visit:

  • 202 Challenging Subjects when Shooting for Stock by Rob “bobbigmac” Davies (picNiche's author); <<The list is built from supply/demand metrics composited across a variety of associated search phrases and queries to picNiche>>
  • 101 B2B Marketing Clichés, an IAS b2b production, with a critic view of the cliché concept; <<Clichés are everywhere in B2B marketing. Every trade mag, most powerpoints, hundreds of websites are jammed with cringworthy specimens>>
  • Don’t shoot clichés? We did…, an interesting experiment by Corepics; they prepared 16 cliché photos and after a poll session they will upload the images at Shutterstock analyzing the selling trend for a month. <<Please help us by picking the best of our cliché shoot. Select your favourite three images from the list in our poll, and leave a comment!>>

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    • Hi Plrang,
      of course these are just samples to illustrate some microstock clichés. You can find certainly others and from different countries. In my case, for the last two pics, a small tribute to my Country, Italy.
      Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean by 'watermark' but there are not present because I bought that photos.

      • So.. that's why i was just surprised with that 'remove watermark' plugin feature. Got the same installed (my other blog) but there was no such.;)
        And the 'best of' just in case somebody didn't know.

          • Yeah, V 1.8 | Author: Dima Sereda and Amos Struck. Got that installed but not used jet, thus just thought there is some bug/feature;)

          • Ah OK, the preview in the box search is watermarked (same on Fotolia site, I think the API used by the plugin couldn't behave in a different way) but if you finalize the purchase is all right. Correct Amos?

          • Hello,

            thanks for using our Plugin. The watermark gets removed once you have bought the picture. We will download the picture for you via the Fotolia API and download it to your Media Library. You can use the photo as oftern as you want.

            Please contact me if you need more help!

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