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graphicleftoversI've recently discovered a website that has been started to sell stock photos.  It's Graphic Leftovers, “a microstock site for designers by designers” with a good 52% commission and a nice look. I decided to upload there all my portfolio also because they have a gorgeous  iSyndica API feature that let you distribute, from the iSyndica Syndicate tab, all your images with just a couple of clicks, after the definition of the channel with the API Key provided by the GraphicLeftovers account. Nothing else, no categories, no unfinished files to review, no other actions on the GraphicLeftovers site: you will find your photos directly online if approved!

We asked Kelly Jay of Digital Leftovers to talk about their project and their vision of stock photography from a “native designer” perspective.

Graphic Leftovers started 2 years ago as a site for artists to sell unused or “leftover” artwork from projects. We started with only 200 images (mostly mine) and then others joined. Since then, professional artists and photographers have joined our community making Graphic Leftovers one of the best sites for member-generated vectors and images. We currently have over 100,000 images and growing at a very fast pace.

The site originally only provided vector artwork, but we found that buyers were seeking “graphic” style images as well. We started to accept photos as part of our site back in november of 2009. Graphic Leftovers is still unique compared to the big microstock sites in that we only provide photographic images of nature, backgrounds, textures, objects and conceptual images but we do not offer people or model shots. Our focus is to stay graphic oriented.

The addition of photos to our site has been wonderful. Vector buyers are enjoying the photo options and the availability of more choices.

A summary of the features/conditions:

  • 52% on all sales. No tiers or levels to achieve.
  • Payouts from 50$ are made via Moneybookers, PayPal or by check. Payouts are processed within 48 hours
  • Set your own price. You determine the value of your work from $1 to $20
  • No exclusive requirement. Sell your images on other sites
  • iSyndica Partner. iSyndica members can enjoy fast, automated FTP uploading to Graphic Leftovers
  • A referral program for both buyers and sellers: Refer a buyer and earn 15% of their deposits. Refer a seller and earn 5% of their net sales

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There is also a great design blog, “a  collection of free design tools and resources for creative professionals. Find a trendy font, free graphic or download one of our exclusive social networking icons”.

For more info, follow my referral link

twitter @graphicleftover and Facebook Graphic Leftovers Page

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