Thinkstock Launches New Image Pack Subscription Service


Thinkstock Launches New Image Pack Subscription Service

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Seattle, WA, July 9, 2010Thinkstock, an image subscription site from Getty Images, today announced the introduction of image packs. This new product offers value-conscious creative processionals pre-paid access to imagery and an even greater choice, value and flexibility in licensing imagery. Customers can now choose to license 5, 25, 100 or 250 high-quality royalty-free stock photos and vector illustrations from Thinkstock’s collection of more than five million images.

Collections are sourced from the industry’s leading providers including Getty Images, iStockphoto and Jupiter Images. Customers can download their images anytime within a year with prices starting at as little as $59 a pack. Image packs are ideal for customers with smaller budgets or those whose needs are project-specific, and they include the same complementary legal protection as Thinkstock’s monthly and annual subscriptions.

WHY: Thinkstock developed the image pack options to meet the ongoing needs of creative professionals who want the best image quality they can get and the ability to find those images quickly and easily. Image packs enable customers to quickly and easily access and license the highest-quality, most relevant, cost-effective royalty-free imagery.


WHO: Thinkstock is committed to changing the way that creative professionals think about stock image services by providing the most relevant offerings available in the marketplace.

About Thinkstock

thinkstock logoThinkstock ( is an image subscription site from Getty Images that offers more than 5 million royalty-free stock images, vectors and illustrations from the industry’s leading content providers including Getty Images, Jupiterimages and iStockphoto. Developed for value-conscious creative professionals, Thinkstock is one of the only subscription sites to offer high quality, simplicity and value all in one place, along with world-class legal protection. For more information, visit


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