500px Prime offers search results by Gender preference


500px Prime uses Social Media Information to add value for customers

What do you get if one of the most popular sharing (and rating) sites opens a market for image licensing? Options that others can not offer!

In a unique approach, the popular photo sharing community 500px now introduces a new search filter for its licensing market 500px Prime: The Gender specific search results page.

500px Prime Male Results for "Cityscape"

500px Prime Male Results for “Cityscape”

The results apparently can differ widely between Male and Female preferences, even on topics you wouldn't think about potential differences: We tried the Gender search for the term “cityscape” which shows in the screen shot above that men prefer large cities with sky scrapers and cold colors. As can be seen from the next screen shot below, the Female result page shows a completely different set of images, warmer colors and photos containing far more details of a city rather than the big overview.

500px Prime Female Results

500px Prime Female Results

Valuable for buyers, useful know how for photographers

If you think this through, this feature could be a very, very helpful tool for advertisers: If you were to advertise a travel and your target audience would be women, you might have easily picked an image from the first result page as most stock agencies probably would show. Using an image that tends to be “liked” more by your women is also likely to increase engagement of your readers/viewers with the content of your ad or article.

For photographers on the other hand, playing around with this type of result page offers a lot of insights as well: Looking for “what sells” usually produces results that might be covered pretty well already. Getting out there and trying to produce more gender related imagery is likely to fill a niche that isn't crowded yet.

Play around with the new feature at 500px Prime yourself.


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