Dropstock.io offers easy file distribution via Dropbox


With Dropstock.io, a new tool for distributing images across agencies has been published. It uses the Dropbox capabilities of storing and sharing images and uploads them through the agency's FTP servers.


Using Dropbox as a platform for distribution

Slovenian traveller and stock photographer Ana Flašker and German programmer Robert Jung have joined forces to create a new tool to help microstock photographers using the Dropbox platform to easily share images across multiple agencies. The solution is based on the cloud storage services of Dropbox which can be used in a free version with limited space. It would allow easy drag and drop of files within the user's folder system and automatic uploading of images in the background.

As they claim, no data is being stored on their server, usernames and passwords are stored as part of the process within the folder kept in the user's private Dropbox folder. The app allows transfer to all agencies accepting FTP uploads which includes the most popular ones with the notable exception of iStock. The software is in Beta at this time and can be used for free. No indication has been given about the future pricing once the services reaches full usability. Check out the beta of Dropstock.io now.



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