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Vivozoom announces a new market for your images. Vivozoom's Image Warranty gives Corporate clients the confidence they require to licence your images.

Do Clients Really Care About Warranty?

Those who are aware of the issues believe that it is crucial. An advertising agency using an image for one of its clients must feel confident in the Provenance of that image. Early 2008, Vivozoom commissioned external Market Research, soliciting the opinions of Corporations in North America and Europe. Many were avoiding Microstock because of the lack of Warranty while a few were using Microstock in the mistaken belief that the images were warranted. When asked what they thought of warranted Microstock, their reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

What Warranty means to you

Firstly, we will edit images to a higher standard, including a more cautious approach to the requirements for Model and Property Releases. Secondly we will open up a whole newun-tapped Market for your images where Warranty is a crucial component of customer service.

According to Vivozoom, no other mainstream Microstock Agency offers this. They also offer a fair return of 40% on all income they generate by licensing your images and a Bi-Lateral Contract (contract is not exclusive).

While microstock is growing in popularity, the lack of an image warranty undermines confidence in the use of such imagery. Vivozoom provides clients with a warranty that the image can be used for defined purposes.
Already included in Vivozoom database, some of the best microstock photographers, such as Yuri Arcurs, Andres Rodriguez, Ron Chapple.
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About Vivozoom
The founders of Vivozoom are Lawrence Gould, previously a director of Tony Stone Images and CFO Getty Images and Tom Donnelly, former VP E-Commerce Getty.

Let's hope they've focused on something the market is looking for. What do you think about it? Leave a comment!


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