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Microstock agencies are progressively entering in the social network arena to enhance their online business, spread the word, improve branding and for direct customer care.

The biggest agencies are active, with different effort, on Twitter and Facebook. The first Facebook Applications and Twitter services have been launched. Let's see a list of the Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and new applications.

I find the Twitter use of some agencies very useful. My personal approval goes to Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Cutcaster,  Snapixel, iStockphoto.


Here a list of the Twitter accounts of the microstock agencies:

Snapixel @snapixel permits to tweet your new uploads directly after the upload phase.

Shutterstock @shutterstock has just launched Shuttertweet that gives you the ability to instantly send out tweets regarding new images added to your portfolio and/or about your daily download count. They added your referral ID to the Twitter URLs so if someone makes a purchase after clicking the link, you’ll make a referral commission.

Twitter “macro” agencies

This is a first list of the twitter accounts of macro (RM and RF)  stock agencies, thanks to @photojack Jack Hollingsworth‘s contribute (“but sadly most of them pretty inactive compared to their micro counterparts 🙂“)


Here a list of the Facebook pages/groups of the microstock agencies:

Other agencies opened a page or a group but there is a very low activity.


Dreamstime has launched a Facebook application that allows members to connect their portfolios directly to their Facebook accounts. You can announce  your latest activities:  Downloads | Uploads | Sold photos | Blogs.


Pixmac has launched a similar application called My Pixmac. With this application, all Pixmac photographers can place their photo sales statistics in their Facebook profile or  send the 5 newest pictures from Pixmac to their Wall.

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  1. from @photojack. macro agencies on twitter (but sadly most of them pretty inactive compared to their micro counterparts:))
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