moodboard “macro” and “micro” stock photography


moodboard logomoodboard is an “hybrid” stock photo agency that works with all photographers from professionals  to hobbyists and newcomers, in both macro and micro stock.

With a stylish web interface, here the main features at a glance:

moodboard Key Features

  • Royalties increase on sales volume per image
  • An extra 5% royalty is given on exclusive micro images
  • Potential to move from micro to premium collections
  • Images in premium collections return a 20% royalty with a pricing range of $19 – $2125
  • Batch editing of metadata including keywords
  • Support of IPTC for embedded keywords
  • Upload via FTP/web forms and quick uploader

There's a couple of moodboard's resources that I like to point out:

Photographer Tutorial, a pdf document with a lot of useful tips to improve your stock photography:

moodboard on the shoot tutorial
from the pre-shooting phase:

  • shoot planning
  • styling
  • location

to the rules of composition:

  • framing
  • cropping
  • focus

and the technical aspects:

  • raw/jpeg
  • focus, blur
  • lighting, exposure
  • filtering

Wish List, a pdf document with a list of images wanted:

moodboard wish list

  • detailed list of concepts and still life (no people) photos
  • detailed lis of images with people

We have talked to Kate Stevens, creative director of moodboard, about their distinctiveness:

We represent images from both microstock and macrostock photographers in essence a hybrid agency which gives opportunity to all levels of talent from newcomer to professionals.
I think what marks us out with regard to the world of microstock is that we give talented photographers  with a strong commercial and aesthetic sensibility the opportunity to have their work represented in our premium brands which command higher price points.  Their images don’t have to reach a certain volume of sales in order to represent content in these collections.  Consistently good quality photography will be highlighted by the edit team and the photographers contacted accordingly.   This gives photographers the opportunity to have their work represented in all our collections from microstock to traditional “macrostock”.  Photographers Diego Cervo and Jan Scherders are just two photographers who started contributing to microstock and now contribute across the board.

To have an idea of moodboard's collection, have a look of this amazing magazine

© moodboard | Collection magazine

© moodboard | Collection magazine

More info for photographers at or visiting moodboard home page


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