This Week on Microstock: SAP Lumira Partners with Fotolia, Interview with Colaimages, 5 Ingredients of Top-Selling Images


SAP Lumira Partners with Fotolia


SAP Lumira has chosen Fotolia to be content partners. The partnership will enable SAP’s customers who use Lumira to be able to search for Fotolia images to present their data in a more visually appealing way.

SAP Lumira is a self-service solution that allows analysts to access, transform and visualize data.

Before, for SAP users to be able to use images on their compositions, they have to import the images from the local file system to add them to the “images picker.” But now, they can already import using Fotolia services.

It’s that easy. The new integration will ensure users the most effective way of downloading images for their presentations. Head on to Fotolia blog for more detailed steps on how to use Fotolia on SAP Lumira.

Interview and Review of Colaimages

While there is already a wide choice of stock agencies that offer contemporary images for all purposes, images from times when cameras were still a luxury are rare that’s why is a one of a kind stock photo agency.

Untitled specializes in vintage photographs since May 2012 and their archive already holds 10,000 images. The images document the history of the 20th century through its lifestyles, social, economic and political events. recently interviewed Marco, founder and owner of regarding the kind of images the agency is offering, why do they love vintage images and how do they find the right photos for their site.

5 Ingredients of Top-Selling Images and Videos

© Shutterstock

© Shutterstock

Shutterstock has published in their blog five qualities that best-selling images and videos have in common.

  1. They have “commercial value”
    “Commercial value” means the likelihood of your image to be useful to a creative buyer. The more attractive and usable an image is for both editorial and commercial uses, the more it is considered to have “commercial value.”
  2. They have both literal and conceptual meaning
    Images that have both literal and conceptual meaning, like an image of a surfer riding a huge wave both represents “surfboard” and “adventure”, are more likely to be popular as stock images.
  3. They have room for text
    Images that are usually used in magazine covers and advertisements have room for texts. Images should have no distractions and be visually simple and clean so designers overlay text on them.
  4. They’re inspirational
    Images that inspire and can spark an emotional reaction among viewers are more valuable than those that do not.
  5. They balance “aspiration” with honesty and authenticity
    Buyers often want images that balance positive values with honest depictions that will feel both realistic and achievable.

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