Are Your Stock Photos Good? Everypixel’s New AI Tool Can Tell!


Have you wondered how aesthetically good your stock photos are and how well they would stand out in the large pool of photos out there? Well, the stock photo related tech startup Everypixel launched a new feature that may have the answer! Their new artificial intelligence function analyzes images according to their aesthetic value to tell you exactly how pretty (or not) they are, and sorts stock photos according to their visual appeal and commercial potential. Futuristic, and useful!

Backed by long-time industry experts -Everypixel is a startup by Pressfoto Group, owners of Pressmaster stock photo brand and Pressfoto microstock agency-, this service provides cross-agency stock photo search and uses neural network technology to deliver better and more intuitive results. The addition of an algorithm that recognizes beauty in images is certainly one worth exploring. Read on for details!

Try Everypixel's Aesthetic AI tool here!

A Tool to Rank the Beauty in Photos

Everypixel is a service conceived to better serve both stock photo buyers and contributor photographers. It's a cross-agency stock photo search engine that lets you search licensable images either using keywords or a sample photo of your choice. This gives potentially greater exposure for your stock photos, and lets customers find images for their needs easier, searching multiple agencies at the same time.

Now, according to Everypixel, one of the problems they wanted to solve is the number one complaint from stock photo buyers, that of “separating the wheat from the chaff”: everybody hates hitting thousands of results for a search, but most of them being dated, cheesy stock photos that they would never use.

And how to properly filter great, current and visually appealing images for customers? Everypixel uses neural network technology, an algorithm trained with a propietary dataset with over 900,000 negative and positive patterns to learn what represents beauty and appealing aesthetics in photos. The plus: being a stock-photo based company, Everypixel also adds commercial value to the parameters to be measured. Applying this algorith lets them rank millions of images according to their beauty, automatically.

Launched in beta very recently, this new function helps Everypixel users to find only the best and prettiest images for any concept they come up with, and further sort them according to price and agency. Very useful indeed.

Find Out the Aesthetic Value in your Stock Photos

Besides the buyer functionality, the new AI feature has a good use for contributors. On a section of their site, Everypixel offers you a tool based on this same technology to evaluate the visual appeal on any photo you provide.

This way you can know the commercial potential of your photos, and plan your production and business strategy accordingly. Are your photos not ranking well enough? Time to challenge yourself with better shots and fresh concepts. Are they ranking high? Then why not think about more outlets and ways to exploit the beauty in your images to generate more income.

And let's not forget the element on human curiosity… Even if you won't be changing your business outline, aren't you tempted to upload your own photos and discover what score you get?


Try Everypixel's AI Aesthetic Tool Yourself

This is certainly an interesting and potentially very useful technology for the stock photo industry. While we have seen similar functionality before, for example in the EyeEm platform, Everypixel adds the commercial worth factor, making it much more oriented to the stock photography business and therefore much more valuable for photographers.

Plus, it's backed by reputable professionals in the space: Pressfoto Group is a very successful company with years in business. Lead by famous microstock entrepreneur Dmitriy Shironosov, this umbrella company manages Everypixel along with Pressfoto stock agency, and Pressmaster and Dragon Images production studios.

It's time to know the visual impact of your photos. Try Everypixel's Aesthetic Algorithm here!

What do you think of the scores you got? Let us know!


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