Everypixel DAM is Open for Beta-Testing – and You Can Get it for Free!


Everypixel –the IT company behind cool AI tools like the software that tells you how good your stock photos are— has launched the beta test for their new DAM product for stock media contributors. This new service offers AI technology, cloud storage, automatic submission and analytics to provide an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your stock media business.

While the Everypixel DAM won't be officially launched until mid-November, the beta testing is running until then. And you can apply to be part of the test and get unlimited access for one month completely free!

Sign up for Everypixel DAM Beta Test here.

And read on for some more info on this Digital Asset Management tool!

What's In for You in Everypixel DAM

The newly announced Everypixel DAM is said to be a “unique tool that meets all the needs of the stock contributor and implements the entire cycle of content management” for a cost-efficient organization and workflow in your stock agency submissions. Here's a bit of what it offers:

Cloud storage & Automatic File Distribution – This service lets you upload your files to their cloud once, where they will be stored forever and automatically distributed to the listed stock photo and stock video agencies of your choice (a total of 16 so far that include all the main ones, and you can also request for a specific agency that is not listed). An easy way to save you uploading traffic and spare you a tedious task.

Intelligent Keywording – Probably one of the most attractive features is their AI-powered keywording tool, that automates image attribution for both photos and videos. They grant their system selects relevant keywords and doesn't incur in grammar mistakes, making it a very effective way to get over a time-consuming part of the submission process in a blink.

File Management – The tool lets you check the status of your submitted files and manage them easily. You can see which files have been approved or rejected, and re-submit, delete duplicates, categorise and multiple-edit images and videos a lot simpler.

Teamwork – You can work with your team using this service, categorising both agencies and submitted content according to projects and members, sharing the workflow responsibilities with them, and even visualising each of them's efficiency.

Sales Analytics – Everypixel DAM collects data from your submissions and file management to give you analytical reports on your submitted files, arranged by month, stock agency, category or author. This helps your business strategy, giving you hints on what content to produce and where to submit it to maximise results.

How Much it Costs to use Everypixel DAM

As it is still in the beta-tasting phase, prices for this product are not yet available. However, we already know it will be a monthly service and it has three price tiers according to the level of benefits that are included: volume of submissions, cloud storage space, and the number of users and projects.

However, the official launching of Everypixel DAM is set in November 15th 2018. Until then, they're still running the beta test.

For the remaining testing days. you can get unlimited access to all the features for free for one month! All you have to do is sign up for the beta test on their website and actively use the software. 

Are you going to give it a shot? Let us know how it works for you!


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