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Michael Krabs of Zoonar, the German Stock Agency, has just announced on MicrostockGroup Forum that “Zoonar now offers Alamy as a new option in the partner control for photos in the price categories normal and premium. A new partner for all microstock photos is also in the implementation process. We will communicate right here when we have finished the inclusion.” This option is added to the already present partnership with Fotofinder GmbH, Polylooks, APIS Network.

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From the Zoonar German Blog, here part of a Google English translation:

Dear photographers,
as reported here several times already, Zoonar will implement by 2010 a number of new content partners to gradually build up a worldwide distribution network. As the first new partner, we have now unlocked Alamy. I think this should come as no surprise, Alamy is one of the most profitable agencies.

Alamy is however a complex agency, specific image sizes, specific camera models, “essential keywords” and “main keywords”, and of course, requires English titles and keywords. Photos […] can only be recorded if these criteria are met. Even a slight image noise may result in rejection of an entire image batches, so Zoonar will check each submitted image. Photos that are approved by us, therefore, not necessarily will be accepted by Alamy. Alamy will take place at another picture test.

Except for the English indexing, we will remove most of the work here, however. Zoonar will deal with English titles, essential and main keywords, and possibly an additional indexing. We also check in advance again at 100% image size, whether images can be passed on to Alamy. […] we will also conduct marketing to boost sales. All this takes time. As is usually activated after the announcement of a new partner, a whole mountain of pictures in a short time, you must allow up to 1-3 months to process.

IMPORTANT: Zoonar is not participating in low-budget program from Alamy. So there will be no cent sales.

Because of the intensive manual preparation, we pay 50% of Alamy revenue. […] Yet we do here and more if necessary preparatory work to improve the commercial prospects of the intensive indexing. […] With Photo Finder and APIS we are up to 80% fee shares already unbeatable front.

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