Check Out Yuri Arcurs’ New Studio: The Photography Giant is Back, Bigger and Better


Any microstocker with more than a few days in the industry knows the name Yuri Arcurs, as one of the most famously successful stock photographer turned entrepreneur, owner of his own brand and even his own stock photo agency, People Images. Dedicating the past year to renovating his studio, his blog and his social media presence, Yuri is now finally back, and better than ever!

His new installations, new crew and impressive metrics are a testament to his success in the industry, and a great example of how a photographer can scale up their business straight to the top. Curious to know what Yuri's stock photo production house is now? Check it out!

The new Yuri Arcurs Productions Studio

Huge and Wholly Owned New Space

Yuri Arcurs new studio is much, much bigger than his previous working space. He went from 400 to 3000 square meters. What's more, while he was previously renting, he now owns the new place.

As it couldn't be otherwise, the entire building is designed for every area to expand for photo shoots and it has a lot of natural light. Plus, it comes with a lovely view to famous table mountain. Certainly an enjoyable working space!

Larger Team, Stronger Selection Parameters

The crew working under Yuri's direction has also been boosted up. The members whom have been there from the start, 7 years ago, are now experienced professionals capable of producing the top notch images that are characteristic or Arcurs' brand.

They've also added more employees in different specific areas of workflow. Photographers, producers, retouchers, keyworders, legal team, sales support… All bases are covered by Yuri's 80+ staff.

Plus there's interns. Yuri runs bootcamps (January 2016 saw the fifth edition) where hundreds of aspiring young photographers compete to earn an internship at his studio. With long days of intense and difficult challenges to be overcome, a lucky ten of participants end up entering Yuri's company.

Images: Quality and Quantity Shot Up

Logically, with such a large staff and nice and big work space, the production rates have gone up. Yuri's studio now has over 4 million images in portfolio, compared to the “modest” 70.000 from the early days.

While they are producing more than 4 times more images, their selection rate from RAW files has dropped from 5 to 3 percent, evidencing a much more strict reviewing process and higher quality parameters. Like this, Yuri Arcurs images are now even better quality than before.

What's Next at Yuri Arcurs Productions

So now that Yuri's studio is bigger and better, what's ahead? According to Yuri, we will have to wait and see. As their social media platform and blog is being relived, we shall be hearing more about their work, their staff and their images. Read it from Yuri himself on this post from his blog.

For now, we can be wowed at the impressive growth his production house shows in 7 years since launch. Proof that Yuri really knows his business!


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