Andres Rodriguez and Jonathan Ross – New Media Conference


Andres Rodriguez and Jonathan Ross at CEPIC 2010 – Making Millions with Microstock, One Euro at a Time – New Media Conference

Making Millions with Microstock - CEPIC

Andres Rodriguez - Tyler Olson - Jonathan Ross - Lee Torrens

This is the 3rd post dedicated to the panel Making Millions with Microstock, One Euro at a Time. It's the turn of Andres Rodriguez, on of the top selling microstocker of the world.

Andres, after 6 year of microstock activity, has about 25,000 photos on selling, sells about 1,700 photos working with a team of 7 people. The saturation of the market is driving his team to research quality and creativity but the costs have to be low due to a RPI dropped in the last period (from 8$ to 5$ ). He currently uses tools such as Lookstat Analytics and iSyndica to keep track of selling stats and speed up the uploading. He also announced that will soon start to sell his imagery direcltly.

To know something more, here you can watch the video of the Andres' speech, courtesy of Amos Struck of Stock Photo Press.

spacesimagesA mention for the other speaker of this panel, Jonathan Ross, a valuable photographer that is working over all the three stock market, traditional Royalty Free, Rights Managed and microstock. It seems to be the right way to reach good levels in the present photo market, adding a footage production too. Check out his new project SpacesImages, “a collection of imagery encompassing one basic concept, visual representation of the earth touched by human hands…” created by 30 international stock photographers.


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