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Corepics is a conglomerate of professional photographers and dedicated photo-enthusiasts aiming at providing stock imagery.
Corepics was formed in February 2009 as a joint venture among Hugo de Wolf, Maurits Jager, Bas Gerzon and Laurens Poelhekke.

We've talked to Hugo de Wolf, an established professional photographer, about this project.

<< Our company aims to combine the vast network of enthusiast students as models with professional studio facilities, equipment and know-how in photography. This way, we produce a fairly high volume of images, that are not commonly seen in microstock photography, more economical and more efficiently than before.

This way, we have created a business model, which makes it easier to make microstock profitable. On average, we only work 8 hours a week, producing around 800 images since February, with a satisfactory RPI    (Return Per Image): this structure seems to be working to our mutual benefit. It allows us to improve our overall performance, stimulate creativity and adapt to the changing market requirements more easily. Both for stock as well as assigned productions >>

An interesting experiment is going on Corepics site:

“Don’t shoot clichés? We did…”

Despite all controversy and ongoing discussions on the web, we deliberately decided to have a go at shooting clichés. Consciously and of sound mind. Several of them. Not to copy or recreate the ones that are already widely available, but with a new twist. With one difference: we also turned our weekly mini-shoot into an in-company competition, to stimulate creativity, train associative techniques in new concept generation based on existing themes, post-processing techniques, and evolve our understanding of commercial viability of images.

If you like to contribute, a poll is open:

Select your favourite image from the list in our poll, and leave a comment! To show our gratitude for your help, the author of the most useful feedback will receive a free (licensed) copy of one of these 16 images.

After the images have been online for sale on Shutterstock for one month, they will evaluate the commercial value of the “clichés with a twist” by comparing the number of downloads.

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  1. Hi! I have seen a few photos from corepics for a long time since I have started my stock adventure, and I didn't knew that it was a group of photographers and also acting as students for photos right?.. It is a very good idea, I use my family as models but that's pretty common for starters.. Do you split the earnings?

    congrats for all work, it is impressive!

    • Hi Luis, yes, we do split our earnings. During our mini-shoot sessions, we also use each other as models to try out specific things, but for larger shoots, we use various channels to scout and ask models to participate in what usually is a nice experience, and a day out – treats included 🙂



  2. Hi there!,

    Thank you for interviewing us. It is nice to see how a competition between ourselves to stimulate our creativity can turn out to catch the eye like this.

    It is very unexpected but very welcome!


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