Qhero + Imagga: New AI-Powered Keywording Tool for Microstockers!


Not so long ago a microstock contributor could do nothing but cope with the tedious task of keywording their images to submit them to stock photo agencies. Now, you not only have a keywording software, but an artificially intelligent one, none the least! Qhero, iStock-endorsed workflow assistant freeware, is now the first keywording tool based on Artificial Intelligence.

In its latest update, the robust image uploader software has added top technology from image recognition expert Imagga to deliver an intelligent, automatic keywording function that adds relevant keywords to your file based in the analysis of its content. A great and modern way to save time and effort in your workflow!

Qhero + Imagga: Intelligent Keywording for Microstockers

Qhero is a very complete and efficient microstock submission assistant software, officially endorsed by Qhero and Getty Images. Fully compatible with their new EPS system, this free software takes care of all the steps of image processing and uploading, including keywording.

And now they have included powerful AI technology from Imagga to create an intelligent feature that analyzes the content in your images and adds relevant keywords, reducing your image processing time by a lot and saving you the hassle of manual keywording.

This new update from Qhero will allow all iStock contributors spend more time shooting images and enjoying life, and less time thinking about keywords.

Why an Intelligent Keywording Tool?

As you likely know, keywords are crucial to your success in the stock photo market. It doesn't matter how good your images are, if customers can't find them.

All stock photo agencies have strong policies regarding keywords, they all want only relevant and accurate keywords, but most of them do not offer anything to help contributors complete that task.

Keywording your images is something you must do, and you must do well. But doing it manually is very time consuming, and often incredibly frustrating. If you add that microstock is a volume-based market where you need to have hundreds to thousands of images uploaded to see a decent return, the scene can be overwhelming for more than one.

Having an intelligent system that can add relevant keywords automatically based on the content of your images is incredibly useful to stay at top of your game, contribute images efficiently, and ultimately reach more sales.

Try Qhero and its new intelligent keywording by signing up for free here!

Watch a Introduction Video how the submission process works


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    There is this new Xpiks keyworder that is awesome. It allows to choose the style of keywording E.g: Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock

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