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I write about the stock photo and microstock industry since 2006 on my several online-magazines. My goal for MyStockPhoto is to teach photographers and stock photographers how to sell more photos and earn money with their photography hobby.

  • Pregare che il dollaro non scenda troppo? 😛

  • … oppure di vendere un sacco in euro 😉 ciao Mila, grazie

  • eheh very nice.. i have never used photoshop to correct anything.. i just shoot on jpg and upload… 🙂 i just use gimp to crop sometimes..!

    cheers and good month

    • There is a lot to be said for keeping it simple!

  • Great post! I also have my workflow, which is quite diferent as I work with illustrations..

  • Thanks Luis & Augusto!

  • E' un lavorone!!!
    Bel post!
    Ciao. Cris

  • aletermi

    Hi Roberto, great post as usual. My worklow is similar but I use ViewNx / Capture Nx in step 3,4,5 because they work very well with NEF. I use Photoshop only for clone tool and objects isolation. Ciao.

    • Ciao Ale, U Point technology… fine!
      Thanks for the continuous support.

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