Photokore offers thousands of free stock photo & illustrations during August


Asian stock photography site, Photokore, is offering its members a special offer during the month of August. Photokore has always offered a Free Photo of the Week, but during August registrants will be able to download a free image every day. Members can choose which image they would like to download from a collection of thousands.

Registration to the site is free of charge, and members who registered previously are also eligible for this one-time offer.

As Asia’s fastest growing stock photography site, Photokore is running this August Free Photo campaign to benefit customers who are already registered on the site, and to encourage new customers to register.

Business woman

Business woman © Daemu | Photokore

Photokore carries a unique and varied library of stock images hand selected for the Asian market’s needs. To further facilitate Asian customers’ ability to find the images they desire, Photokore offers search in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Japanese Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino.

Our goal is to offer Asian customers the images they need, and the ability to search for those images in their local language. Our August Free Image campaign is geared towards encouraging new customers to visit and see for themselves how easy our search is, and the wide variety of high quality images on our site,” said Photokore’s CEO, Sean Mooney.

Due to an increase in visitors from non-Asian regions, Photokore also offers search in Spanish, French, German, and Russian. Photokore is the first Asian stock photography site to offer search in this many languages.

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Photokore is a royalty-free stock photography site dedicated to offering high quality global images to the Asian market, and unique Asian images to the world. Photokore’s website supports image uploads and purchases in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Visitors to can search for images in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, Spanish, French, German and Russian. Landing pages are also available in Arabic, Malaysian and Vietnamese.

All photos and illustrations on can be licensed for creative use – whether on a personal website, or in a global marketing campaign – at prices ranging from US$1 – US$40.


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