Asian stock photo company, Photokore, launches Russian image search


Stock photography company Photokore adds Russian to its list of supported search languages, which already include English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, Spanish, French and German. Photokore is the first Asian stock photography site to offer search in this many languages.

Penetrating the growing Asian image market is the goal for many photographers. However, it has been difficult to reach the Asian image market due to an absence of a site where customers can search for stock images in their native tongue.

Photokore eliminates this hurdle with their growing list of Asian search languages, and also facilitates image search by non-Asian customers by providing English, Spanish, French, German, and now Russian search functionality.

According to Photokore’s CEO, Sean Mooney, “Gaining global exposure for their creative work is one of the reasons so many Asian Artists have joined Photokore. With the addition of Russian, we’re allowing our artists’ images to be searched by even more of the global image-purchasing market – in their native tongue”.

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Photokore is a royalty-free stock photography site dedicated to offering high quality global images to the Asian market, and unique Asian images to the world. Photokore’s website supports image uploads and purchases in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Visitors to can search for images in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, English, Spanish, French, German and Russian. Landing pages are also available in Arabic, Malaysian and Vietnamese.

All photos and illustrations on can be licensed for creative use – whether on a personal website, or in a global marketing campaign – at prices ranging from US$1 – US$40.

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