PhotoBleep Calling Photographers


PhotoBleep is a new stock photography service and it's building its photographers base.

I'm proud to launch a revamped stock photography service,” said Francisco Burzi, owner of PhotoBleeb. “Few week ago I started this website with the intention to have my own portfolio online and thanks to several requests I decided to re-code the website engine's code and create a stock photography service. You'll find several great features here at PhotoBleep. At this time we're receiving photographers only and subscription for buyers will be opened in the next days while we collect some photos.

I want to invite all photographers out there to become contributors and start selling your photos and make some extra money.
Feel free to browse the site as you wish. I know you all will like it and will become in love with this new service! Have fun!

photobleep calling photographers

Here you can find the Photographers and Customers FAQ where you can see that commissions will be up to 80%.


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