Fotomoto Lets Photographers Sell Photos On-Site


Fotomoto is an e-commerce system specifically designed for photos. If you are a photographer or you operate a website with a big photo inventory, Fotomoto helps you monetize your photos and sell them in a professional way – on your own website. You will sell without any hassle (when I'm writing you can sell prints of your photos, they are going to add other products). You can set the prices and Fotomoto takes care of everything: processing orders right on your website, processing payments, making prints and shipping it to the customers on your behalf.

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With a couple lines of code on your website, Fotomoto provides an instant photo commerce solution for websites and blogs. It enables photographers, magazines, blogs, non-profit organizations, news agencies, and sports and celebrity websites to sell photos on their own websites.

With Fotomoto you can instantly attach a ‘Buy Print‘ and ‘Send as E-card‘ button to all of your sellable photos – see an example in my “work in progress and test portfolio”. The button ‘knows' the pricing and availability of the photos, and keeps track of photo editions. It allows visitors to easily place orders for photos without leaving the website. The Cart appears on the top right corner (you can customize the position).


There is no subscription fee for using Fotomoto, what you pay is the cost of the print plus a 15% transaction fee. This means that adding Fotomoto to your site is free. If you want to try request an invitation. Fotomoto sign-up is now open.

2009, August 8th Update

Cards Are Finally Here: Fotomoto will be rolling out cards (greetings cards, flat cards, and postcards) around midnight (pacific time) Saturday August 8th.  You can see it in action on my portfolio page, “Buy Card” under the photos. You can set the product availability and pricing in the Control Panel, by going to Site / Products (They changed “Store” to “Site”).


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I write about the stock photo and microstock industry since 2006 on my several online-magazines. My goal for MyStockPhoto is to teach photographers and stock photographers how to sell more photos and earn money with their photography hobby.


  1. Thanks for the info. Could be another option to make money with photographs. I checked out your test portfolio, I liked the ease of use and the fact that the user doesn't have to leave your website to make purchases. I'll give it a go sometime soon.

    • Yes Komar, the fact that users stay on your site is a great feature. Have you seen the Cart in the upper right corner if you follow buy print button? Just added the image in the post.
      Thanks for the comment,

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