Take part in the MicrostockGroup’s 2015 Annual Microstock Survey


MicroStockGroup has launched their annual independent microstock survey for 2015. 

Last year they run the survey in January and included some “thank-yous” in the form of a random draw for give-aways. Read more about 2014 survey here.

FoMicrostockGroup Forumunded by Tyler Olson, MicroStockGroup has been doing this annual survey since 2008, collecting data from microstock contributors to deliver stats and conclusions about the performance and development of microstock industry.

Take Part in the Microstock Survey and Benefit from Collective Results

Completing the survey takes only 5-10 minutes of your time, and all information is collected and displayed in a completely anonymous way. It collects information from your activity as a microstock contributor for the year 2015.

All microstock contributors are welcome, from beginners with 10 images in their portfolios to solid professionals with 50,000 files online. All responses are important to get more complete results.

The more contributors provide their numbers and stats, the more comprehensive the results will be. In the 2014 edition they got 632 respondents but their record is of over 800 participants for the 2013 survey, and they are hoping to beat that number this year.

As a contributor, knowing where the industry is at at the moment and how well are other contributors doing is key to make intelligent decisions when it comes to your business plans.

For this reason, it's very important that you take the survey, regardless of what your statistics are, or even if you cannot answer one or some of the questions.

Take part in the MicroStockGroup Annual Survey here.

See the Microstock Survey's Results

To have an idea of how the survey works and what kind of information you can get from it, you can check the 2014 results here and the 2013 results here on StockPhotoSecrets.

From MicroStockGroup they say they're already seeing some interesting trends and stats from the data they collected for 2015, but the survey's still open.

The full results for 2015 in microstock industry will be published in MicroStockGroup's blog once the survey is completed and the data is analyzed.

Don't forget to participate with your stats. Take the 2015 Microstock Survey here.



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