Adobe Stock Rewards Your Contributions with Creative Cloud Giveaways!


Adobe Stock –Adobe's stock photo service merging Fotolia's library– has just launched a new rewards program for contributors that lets you access to Creative Cloud memberships giveaways if you and your assets reach certain milestones in the marketplace.

This new offer gifts contributors with Photography and All Apps plans from Adobe Creative Cloud if they reach a certain number of accepted files or a certain amount of earnings along 2018, and presents a great opportunity to get access to Adobe's cloud-based professional design tools for free.

Want to know how to win? Read on!

Adobe Stock's Creative Cloud Giveaway Program: Free CC Subscriptions for Great Contributors

The new Creative Cloud Giveaway Program by Adobe Stock looks to reward successful contributors, as well as to motivate all artists to gear up their contributions, and offer them a chance to enhance their work's quality by using Adobe's professional design tools. The rewards are:

  • 1-Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Subscription – For the first 20,000 contributors in reaching 300 accepted assets into Adobe Stock or earning $500 in royalties, for the period from January 1st to December 31st 2018.
  • 1-Year Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Subscription – For the first 2,000 contributors uploading 300 videos accepted or earning $500 in royalties from video sales, for the period from January 1st to December 31st 2018.

In both cases, you must maintain a 50% acceptance rate on your submissions to be eligible for the reward. And it's worth noting that reaching the milestone for one prize does not disqualify you from running up for the other one, and you can claim them both.

You can get more details in the Creative Cloud Giveaway FAQ right here.

How to Enter the Creative Cloud Giveaway

All you've to do to enter this program is to be an Adobe Stock contributor. Simple as! And a lot simpler now since they have their very own contributor site streamlining the submission process, which includes new and improved, contributor-oriented features. 

As of July 12th 2018 and on all your submissions and royalties from January 1st 2018 onwards are entered, and you can monitor them in your Contributor account. If and when you reach one of the rewards, the agency will notify you via email.

If you're a contributor to Fotolia –the stock photo agency Adobe acquired and later merged into Adobe Stock service– your earnings from that outlet will also count for your rewards. And if you are a Fotolia contributor and want to participate, you can do by syncing your contributor account from that agency with Adobe Stock. Once synced, all submissions and sales from January 1st 2018 will count for your Adobe Stock records.

More details can be found in the Creative Cloud Giveaway terms and conditions. 

How to Get the Best of your Creative Cloud Giveaway Rewards

This program proposes various ways for you to squeeze the juice out of your rewards once you get them. As we said, it's very cool that you can use your accepted assets and earnings to run up for both the available gifts simultaneously. This means you don't have to choose between a Photography only plan or the more complete All Apps membership. If you make enough to reach it, you can claim it.

As the All Apps plan includes the Photography applications, if you happen to achieve and redeem the All Apps plan first, you will only be gifted that one. However if you hit the mark for the Photography only giveaway –which is of course more reachable– you can still use your stats to go for the All Apps, and claim it if you reach it.

You can also enjoy these benefits even if you have an active, paid Creative Cloud plan going on. Depending on the situation you have (yearly upfront payment or month to month, if you have the exact same plan of the reward or an inferior one, and where in the world you are located) you might get bonus 12 months without payment, be given an extra free year after your prepaid subscription expires, or be asked to wait a month after your current plan expires to claim your free membership.

In cases where you already have a subscription that is different to the one you won, you can claim it and they'll both run parallel, or –what the agency advices– wait until your first one expires and then make use of the new, free plan. It is also possible for you re-gift the prize to a friend or family member, but you cannot resell the subscription. You will have plenty of time to decide, since the rewards will be claimable all the way until July 2021.

For more information, check out the Creative Cloud Giveaway FAQ here. 

A Cool Bonus Deal in Value for Adobe Stock Contributors

This new rewards program for contributors is certainly appealing, and a very good opportunity too. If you're a Creative Cloud user, this gives you the chance to save up in your subscriptions for the next year. If you don't yet use Creative Cloud applications, it's the ideal occasion to enjoy the service without paying a penny. All while reaping the benefits from good acceptance rates and decent earnings.

Of course the thresholds for these rewards mean that top, big earning contributors will be the ones getting them, only accepted assets rates and earnings –and how fast you can get them– determine winners, so there's nothing stopping you from raising up your game in Adobe Stock to get one of these cool prizes and enjoy a free Creative Cloud subscription for a whole year!

Become a contributor to Adobe Stock right now to give it a shot!


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