Videoblocks to Launch Photo Marketplace with 100% Royalty Rate!


Videoblocks is a successful stock footage agency that disrupted the industry twice already: first, with their “all-you-can-eat” unlimited subscription model, based on a wholly owned collection of stock videos. Later, with the launching of a contributor-based marketplace where videographers could sell their clips on demand, and earn 100% commission. If you're a photographer whom wished you could be part of something like that, good news! Videoblocks has just announced the launching of a new stock photo marketplace following the same model.

Graphicstock, Videoblock's sister company dedicated to still images, will now include an on-demand marketplace additional to their company-owned, unlimited subscriptions library. And that means that as of now, photographers all over the world are welcome to submit their images to the new outlet, which will pay out 100% royalty rate on every sale.

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Graphicstock Marketplace: Sell your Images and Keep 100% of the Earnings!

That's basically how their Photo Marketplace will work. Replicating the huge success of their video version, this outlet will provide additional, on demand content for their customers, whom will get them at discount price if they are paying subscribers as well.

Images will have a flat price of $10 each for all customers and of $4 per image for subscribers, independently of the size and resolution of the file. A simple structure that they say is the result of customer feedback they got, where most of clients complained about complicated pricing systems with credits and image bundles, and about the fact that most affordable prices correspond to small, low res photos with little possible uses.

But they don't appeal to buyers only: as their primary source of incomes is subscriptions to their wholly-owned library, contributors to the Marketplace will earn 100% of every sale! This is one of the highest (just not to say the highest) royalty rate across the industry, and with their prices it means you can earn up to $10 in one sale. Interesting, to say the least.

A Potentially Big Earnings Opportunity

You know what's the best about this? That you don't really have to wonder if it would work out. The Photo Marketplace, which is open for contributions via their Contributor Page and will be launched to customers in a few months, is nothing but an extension of their Video Marketplace, which has proven to be a huge success.

Launched in 2015 to complement their unlimited subscriptions video library, Videoblocks' Video Marketplace quickly amassed a collection of over 4 Million footage clips, and has so far paid out over $6 Million in royalties to contributors. The company recently surpassed its 100 millionth download, and they keep pushing their achievements to the next level.

The new Photo Marketplace will tap on an already considerable base of buyers, not only to Graphicstock, where customers are specifically looking for photos and illustrations, but also Videoblocks' clients: videographers that likely want or could use still images to complement their work.

How to Be Part of Graphicstock's Photo Marketplace?

If you want to take part into this new outlet and see how a flat price, 100% commission works out for you, all you have to do is visit Videoblocks' Contributor Portal, create a contributor account and start submitting your photos or portfolio for review. On this same page you will find the submission requirements, FAQ and other important info.

Keep in mind the earnings won't be immediate: the company is building up in quantity before releasing the marketplace to customers, and they expect that to be within 4 to 6 months from now.

Are you going to take part into the new Photo Marketplace? Let us know how it works for you!


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