Stock Performer Major Upgrade Launch


Stockperformer LogoStock Performer, the best analytics software according to our test here, has just announced a major re-design and upgrade. It will be available for all customers on the 26th July.

Serving the most successful stock artists

Stock Performer claims to serve the the most successful stock artists in the business, such as Andres Rodriguez, Monkey Business, Uberstock, Wavebreak, Pixdeluxe and many others, as well as agencies like Stocksy and Westend61. The new update has been created based on their very valuable feedback.

This upgrade's major new features

With this new version, Stock Performer will continue to be the tool of choice of today's most successful producers. These new tools and features will help you earn more money in the stock photo industry.

Image Recognition Technology


Stock Performer now uses accurate image recognition technology to automatically identify and aggregate files across any agencies you upload to. Stock Performer will know where you uploaded your files and how much the file made in total. All Stock Performer reports have been adapted to reflect your file's revenue independently from the agency on which it was made.

New Collection Management


Collections are now genuinely cross agency. Create them
once and Stock Performer will use image recognition to pull sales data from all agencies.
On top of that we have added many new collection management tools such as merging,
copying and adding to multiple collections at once.

Redesigned Reports


Each report has been reviewed to best present the new cross
agency sales data as well as offering new analysis options and features. Get a bird's eye
view or drill down easily into the points which are important to you.

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