Deepmeta: Manage your iStockphoto Portfolio


I wrote in my previous post about the rather difficult web based iStockphoto upload process.
Thanks to iStock contributor carrollphoto, I discovered a bulk uploading/manager tool called Deepmeta (by Eazign bvba).


DeepMeta is a free software (Windows and Mac) that assists you in managing your iStockphoto portfolio:

  • adding/editing keywords and categories
  • appending model or property releases
  • uploading your images
  • checking your latest portfolio statistics and ratings

With a local copy of all of your portfolio data, you can completely manage your photos off-line and then upload in batches.

Let me know if you use this tool or something else similar, thanks!

P.S.: July, 2009. Released version 1.4, download page

iStockphoto uploads: Uploads now use new iStock servers. The old ones died with “Gateway timeout” errors which apparently could not be fixed. The good news should be that the new ones are more reliable. We'll see.


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