New Levels, Features, Licenses at Dreamstime


“As you can see, a new level has been introduced for images without any downloads (for now, new customers only):
– The first download will continue to sell at the price we've had so far, while the next will have the previous level 2 pricing. Higher levels shifted towards files with less sales (e.g. now: 1-4 downloads, before: 5-9 downloads).
– First download awards a 25/27.5% royalty (non-excl. contributors), while the next ones stay the same, but at higher prices.
– Exclusive royalties remain unchanged.
– Level 5 files sell now for a maximum of 19 credits (previously 17 credits).
– Level 0 subscriptions remain at 1 download. The average price per download for subs awards an average of $0.50 (non exclusives). Adding extra downloads here would only make this this product less attractive for the buyers…”

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Dreamstime New Levels April 2011
Dreamstime New Levels April 2011

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  1. I am in favor of the new credit pricing, but I wonder how much any of us will benefit from it if this just drives buyers toward the subscription model. The weekly subscription model is rather disconcerting too.

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