Zoonar acquires age fotostock/THP Photo Service as new partner agency


Zoonar presents with AGE/THP another heavyweight in the global picture market as a new content partner. You can now activate all of your photos for AGE/THP. The price level of your pictures is not important, i.e. you can activate your images whether they have a microstock, standard or premium price level.

zoonar partner
You can find more detailed info in the terms and conditions in your profile page under partner management. Here you can accept the new partner and then you can activate your photos for AGE/THP in your picture management. Here a summary:

  • a. Zoonar price category Microstock and licence type Royalty Free (RF) = age fotostock and THP price category „LBRF“ (Light Budget Royalty Free) with retail prices ranging from 10 to 50 Euros depending on the size and the resolution of the photo.
  • b. Zoonar price categories Microstock, Standard and Premium with licence type RM = age fotostock/THP Photo Services standard price for rights managed licences (RM).
  • c. Zoonar price category Standard and Premium with lincence type Royalty Free (RF) = age fotostock/THP Photo Services standard price for Royalty Free licences (RF).

age fotostock and THP Photo Services facts overview

RM and RF
All Zoonar price categories
180 days
60% of the fees received from age fotostock/THP Photo Services
Photos must not have already been uploaded at age fotostock or THP directly or via another picture agency.
age easy fotostock

Another note from the photographers newsletter: “Zoonar regrets the decision of the Deutsche Telekom AG to end Polylooks. We were satisfied with the revenue growth. Now we are looking for new alternatives for our photographers and with AGE/THP we have already found a new partner for the microstock market. More partners for this market will follow.



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