Interview with Vivozoom’s CEO Lawrence Gould


On May we talked about the launch of Vivozoom, a new reality that is offering warranted stock photography at microstock prices.
After a few months from the beginning of this “adventure”, I've asked Vivozoom's CEO Lawrence Gould for an interview that I am glad to publish here.

part of Vivozoom's home page - screen capture

part of Vivozoom's home page - screen capture


msp: I'd like to start from your slogan: “Vivozoom is the only Microstock business that guarantees its images are legally safe to us”.
Has the market understood the “plus”of avoiding any legal problem and what is the first months reaction? Are you going to make some significant changes to your market approach to increase your position?

LG: There is a very significant portion of the market that does understand the benefits of a “legally safe to use” guarantee – including for example corporate image buyers, publishers and advertisers. On the other hand there is an amazing amount of mis-understanding in the market, particularly about Royalty Free – some believe that is “free” others do not appreciate that it covers a broad range of alternate licensing terms. We therefore continue our direct sales activities to those that do appreciate our service and, at the same time, we feel there is considerable opportunity to broadcast the risks from misuse to educate the rest of the market.

msp: I'm reading on your site “Our sales efforts are focused on corporate America”
What are your typical kind of clients? What about the rest of the world?

LG: Our clients fall into three categories: corporate / publishers / web designers.
Our primary market is the USA and as the part of the team is in the UK we are covering this locally. Our intention is to roll out the site to the rest of the world (multi currency and multi language) as soon as we are established in US.

msp: You offer two different plans for clients, pay-as-you-go and subscription, which is the most appreciated?

LG: Pay as you go is the firm favourite!

msp: Vivozoom's Contributors contract is not exclusive. I'm observing that one of the present trend of microstock agencies is to encourage exclusive contribution. Are you planning to drive your contributors to be exclusive? Don't you think it could be a value added for your clients?

LG: We did a lot of market research before we launched which told us that this was not a key issue for our customers (but a guarantee was). At our price points the key is having the right image – and that is the relevant image of good quality (including guarantee).

msp: I read some forum threads talking about the slow volume of images sold at Vivozoom. Are you noticing a progressive growth?

LG: We are seeing growth – despite the summer lull and recession – so remain very confident of our future!

msp: How many people are involved around this project?

LG: 15 in total.

msp: To close, middle term projects and plannings?

LG: International roll out as above.

msp: Thanks very much Lawrence!


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