Veer and Veer Marketplace integration plans for the 2010


Veer and Veer Marketplace integration plans for the 2010

Veer, announcing the success and the positive impact of the Veer Marketplace, is going to further integrate Veer and Veer Marketplace, giving a central role to Marketplace microstock model business. The microstock “war” still continues and Veer Marketplace will be put in the center of the main Veer site, giving evidence to its contents. Here some quotes from the Veer Marketplace Forum

…These changes include:

  • Veer will integrate the Veer Marketplace model and content into the broader Veer web site, making Veer more like Veer Marketplace overall.
  • Veer Marketplace content will now be front and center in our search results, along with RF content Veer has from macro photographers and partners. We will streamline our web site so that there is a single search grid (rather than the two separate RM/RF and VMP grids that we currently have).
  • We will have a single checkout process for all imagery, type and merchandise (versus the separate Veer and Veer Marketplace checkouts we now have). Customers will be able to purchase everything on Veer with either pre-purchased credits or individually with a credit card.
  • We will simplify the customer experience on Veer by only offering easy-to-license royalty-free imagery, including all the imagery from our Veer Marketplace contributors. We will continue to have a wide variety of images from premium-priced images to value-priced images, all offered under the royalty-free licensing model.

What does this mean for the Veer Marketplace contributor?

Once we’ve made these changes, Veer will appeal to a much bigger group of customers, and we hope to grow our customer and contributor base dramatically. This will mean more exposure and hopefully sales for your imagery as Veer Marketplace content is featured centrally on, and we attract more customers.

You can find the full announcement thread here: Microstock Contributors are Central to Veer’s 2010 Plans.

Update Jan 27, 2010

From the BJP article Microstock in the limelight at Corbis' Veer, Corbis will drop rights-managed images from its Veer stock library:

‘We launched microstock-priced imagery a year ago in response to customer demand,’ says Nairn Nerland, senior vice president of marketing and general manager of ‘It’s been very successful and we’ve decided to make it more scalable and extend our proposition in the value-based sector of imagery.’
To make that happen, he explains, Veer will ‘remove rights-managed images from the site when we launch the new offering.’ However, Nerland tells BJP that the images will continue to be sold on the Corbis website, which is targeted at ‘more traditional and sophisticated customers.’

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