Top Cameras and Settings for Stock Photos – Cool Infographic by Depositphotos!


What gear and techniques work best for stock photos? That is the question always bouncing around the microstocker’s mind. Whether you’re a beginner or enthusiast that is new to stock, or a professional wanting new gear, knowing what do you need to succeed in stock photography is key to make good investments.

Depositphotos LogoDepositphotos is offering great insights on this, with a great new infographic where they lay out data collected from images in their collection, telling you what are the most popular cameras and photography settings used in the photos that sell well. This is something we at MyStockPhoto did a while ago too, with our infographic on What Gear for Shooting Stock Photos. 

Have a look at Depositphotos Gear and Settings Infographic below!

Most Popular Cameras and Techniques in Stock Photos

As it’s visually expressed in their graphic, Depositphotos’ most popular cameras are:

  1. Canon – EOS 5D Mark II
  2. Nikon – D800
  3. Sony

It’s worth noting than Canon models took the first 3 places in the chart, splitting the following 12 spots with Nikon models. That list is certainly handy when it comes to choosing your next camera to shoot for stock.

Other top results on techniques and shooting dates it’s top settings are:

  • Focal length: 100mm
  • Aperture: f/8
  • Flash: No flash
  • Exposure: 1/125
  • Season: Spring

The graphic includes charts with different values, letting you see a much larger spectrum in choices made by photographers currently selling their images at Depositphotos, so it is a very good way of finding your match between budget, preferences and goals.

Stock Photos and Useful Data

To create these stats, Depositphotos analyzed EXIF data from 60 million images in their library. This allowed them to collect info about camera model, lens type, shutter speed, ISO speed, aperture, focal length, date and time, and more.

This valuable details helped them build the infographic listing top results with percentages, that helps you know exactly what is used, and how, to shoot stock photos with commercial potential. Useful indeed!

So make sure to check Depositphotos gear and techniques infographic when you plan your next gear purchases and shoots, specially if you already contribute or intend to start contributing to Depositphotos!


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