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picscoutpicscoutFounded in 2002, PicScout™ is an information company that commands the world's largest index of fingerprinted and owner identified images. From this asset base, PicScout enables clients to both protect and promote image usage across digital platforms and devices by using the company’s proprietary and highly scalable image recognition fingerprinting technology.

Most images float in cyberspace, orphaned, without any owner information. This might part of the reason why 85% of commercial image use online is being used in violation of copyright.”

This is PicScout YouTube Video
A frame of “This is PicScout” YouTube Video

Check it out “This is PicScout” a two-minute video detailing the explosive growth of digital imagery on the web. The video highlights how the products and services of PicScout's ImageIRC™ promote and protect images.


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