The Roll by EyeEm, A New iOS App to Organise and Search your Photo Library


TheRoll_logoEyeEm, photo community + marketplace company, is launching a new iOS app today, built on the base of their proprietary computer vision technology, EyeEm Vision.

The Roll is an app designed to replace smartphones' camera roll folder, with an intelligent tool that allows to search, group and sort your stored images without any extra input from your part.


You can download the app here.

Auto-Tagging, Visual Analysis and More

TheRoll_scoreThe new app uses EyeEm's AI-based technology (EyeEm Vision) to analyse all photos in a device's photo library. Using deep learning algorithms, it automatically generates tags for each photo (identifying date, location, but also objects, colors, themes, emotions, etc) and finds visually similar images. Embedding this information into image's metadata, the app groups and displays images in categories.

This goes much further than Apple's native camera roll functions (which only attempt to sort images by date and geolocation) and makes phone photo library instantaneously searchable and neately organised.

Furthermore, EyeEm Vision's trained algorithms are applied to identify visual appeal and best aesthetics in every photo. The system assigns a score between 0 and 100 to each photo, and highlights the best ones in each category. There's two scorings: one for visual appeal and one for commercial value (intended to assist EyeEm contributors on their submission process). Although the scoring might not necessarily match the user's criteria, it is very helpful to find your best shots.

With this app, EyeEm expects to solve one of the major problems with today's mobile photography: to organise and find images amongst the thousands that we snap every day.


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