Survey on commercial application of visual arts


I'd like to inform all my readers about  survey on commercial application of visual arts.

About the survey 
“Welcome to the survey on commercial use of visual arts with special emphasis on digital photos and vector illustrations. The objective of the survey is to contribute to the transparency of the market landscape and to determine some of the laws that govern it. The survey is also used to test concepts that might give the providers as well as the buyers a significant added value. We are looking for solutions to improve the offered services and adapt them to your needs.

The estimated time for the completion of the survey is 10-15 minutes; the answers you provide will be kept confidential and anonymous. Please read our Privacy policy.

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Who should complete this survey
The survey is intended for experts who create commercial artwork as well as buyers who acquire the right to use it by buying the appropriate licenses. We especially welcome input from:

    • artwork providers; its creators as well as holders of its property rights: photographers (editorial, stock and art photography), illustrators, photojournalists and all other profiles who create artwork for publication. ….
    • licenses buyers who obtain the right to use or publish the original artwork by concluding copyright agreements: photo editors in printed and electronic media, designers, publishers and other profiles who need photos or illustrations for their products or as part of their work. …


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