StockXpert is ceasing regular operations


StockXpert is ceasing regular operations

It was in the air… StockXpert is going to close. Here a short summary of the last Getty Images actions in the micro/RF field that are intended to drive traffic, buyers and contributors to the strongest microstock brand, iStockphoto:

  • stock.xchng promotes iStockphoto collection as result of the searches (no longer StockXpert)
  • The and JIUnlimited licensing program was canceled from the StockXpert contribution
  • StockXpert has been encouraging to become an iStock contributor
  • The new subscription site ThinkStock is focalized on Getty and iStock imagery
sorry we are closed
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Here the messages sent to the StockXpert contributors, with some details: StockXpert website will continue to exist  and you can opt-in ThinkStock that will distribute StockXpert photos via Hemera collection. Just a note: I found my iStock photos on ThinkStock (I opted-in there) but not the SXP ones. In a previous SXP message they wrote that If you are currently an iStockphoto contributor and have files already opted-in to the iStock Partner Program, iStock files will appear on the new Getty Images subscription site (ThinkStock, of course) when it launches in early 2010. If you had non-duplicated files opted into subscriptions on SXP, please feel free to upload them to your existing portfolio on iStockphoto to continue their subscription sales.

StockXpert will cease regular operations. As of today we will no longer be accepting new uploads or signing up new members. Any uploads that are currently in the queue will continue to be reviewed until February 10, 2010. Then on February 11 searching and downloading will cease.
The StockXpert website will continue to exist and will be accessible after this date for certain functions. You will still be able to access all of your account information, download history, and purchase receipts. SXP will still function for contributor payouts. And if you contribute images to the soon-to-be launched Getty Images subscription site we announced last month, you will still receive your royalties through your SXP account. If you aren't receiving any new royalties from the subscription site, you can request a one-time final payout by contacting Support .. .
If you aren't already an iStock member, we encourage you to sign up and get involved.
We will do whatever we can to make this process run smoothly for all of our members.
Please read more about the future of StockXpert here .. . Thank you for all of your support and patronage over the years.


As an SXP contributor who is opted-in to subscriptions, some of your content has been migrated to You can find your content on ThinkStock by searching for your first and last name in single quotes: ‘John Doe'. Please note that the migration is still ongoing and will take some more time to complete. If don't see your opted-in files, be patient – they will show up eventually. StockXpert content will show up as the Hemera Collection.
See Thinkstock here: .


All StockXpert customers will be able to transfer their remaining SXP credits to iStockphoto, where they will be honored on a 1 for 1 basis. To transfer your credits, make sure you are logged in to your SXP account and follow the link from the iStock ad on the front page. You will receive an email outlining the complete details of the credit transfer.
If you aren't already an iStock member, we encourage you to sign up and get involved.
None of these changes will have any effect on our free site StockXchng. SXC continues to be the number one resource for your free image needs.

Update Feb 5, 2010

Quoting the Luis Ministocking Blog, it seems that in a next phase also the not duplicate photos of the SXP portfolio will be available on ThinkStock (via Hemera Collection).

Group 1
– Opted-in for both Subscriptions and Extended Licenses on XP (option 7 on profile)
– No account/content on IS
– XP portfolio will be migrated to ThinkStock (transferred in January 2010)

Group 2
– Opted-out for both Subscriptions and Extended Licenses on XP (option 7 on profile)
– No account/content on IS
– Need to opt-in to have you XP portfolio migrated to ThinkStock (transferred at a 2nd phase, not scheduled)

Group 3
– Opted-in at IS (Partner Program), portfolio will be available at ThinkStock
– Opted-in for both Subscriptions and Extended Licenses on XP, then your XP portfolio will be available at ThinkStock, and the duplicated photos between IS and XP will be removed (transferred at a 3rd phase, not scheduled)


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  1. Mine too! I see just my port from IS, I have read on the forum minutes ago and there will be a 2nd and 3rd transferring session from XP services!.. Hope I am there somewhere but for now, we need to wait 🙁

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