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Robert Davies has just launched StockPhotoFeeds.com RSS Feeds and Free Stock Photo Finder Firefox Addon.

StockPhotoFeeds.com has two main services:


Press Release – Aug 24, 2010If you regularly search for stock photographs or illustrations for your website or blog, you can now keep upto-date with the newest available images at six of the biggest microstock agencies with the brand new StockPhotoFeeds RSS syndication service.

The newest tool for people using microstock images has just been released by Bob Davies of picNiche. You can now select from several microstock agencies and subscribe for any search to get an RSS feed showing you all the latest images for that search.

Subscribing for the latest images will ensure you have a heads-up on the newest photographs and vectors the instant they become available, so if you need to buy exclusivity or keep current on the changing fashions in photography, you can be assured of the freshest images you really need. Spend less time searching for images and more time creating great designs to really dazzle your site visitors.

RSS feeds are easy to subscribe to, and can be read in many feeds readers, for each new image you'll see a preview and description, so you can get a good idea right away of whether it's an image you can use.

The Stock Photo Feeds service currently allows you to track new stock images matching any search at Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Bigstock and 123 Royalty Free, along with the free stock photos provider SXC.hu by Getty Images. More microstock photo licensing sites will be added soon based on requests from subscribers.

Setup your feeds for the images you want at: http://www.stockphotofeeds.com

Contact Bob Davies to find out more at bob@stockphotofeeds.com


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picNiche has several websites covering topics in stock photography, and offers free tools for microstock buyers to help find great images at a low cost, and image contributors software to improve workflow, and a firefox toolbar to find free stock photos. The picNiche analysis services and blog identifies and analyses the supply and demand of stock photo ideas and topics for sales history and future saleability.


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