StockPerformer adds cross agency collections

New feature at StockPerformer: Cross Agency Collections

New feature at StockPerformer: Cross Agency Collections

Microstock analytics platform StockPerformer has added a new feature: Cross agency collections.

The new feature was announced last week in a blog post last week. With the new functionality, the analytics software automatically connects collections across the different agencies: For a example, a user could create a new collection “Shoot Model A” with images from Shutterstock, switch to the Fotolia tab and add the same images from the same image to that collection. For existing collections, the system assumes that collections with the same name between agencies belong together, so all old collections were automatically added to the new combined system.

Analytics details of collections

Analytics details of collections

The new collections are rich in analytics, comparisons between agencies' sales and RPI values are easy to see, the number of downloads can be tracked for each agency separately or in combined totals. It was a missing piece in that manual addition of royalties from different agencies is not needed anymore.

The features also work very well for those already using or planning to use the sub account feature for suppliers which StockPerformer had announced in spring. Now it is easily possible to track sales of any given set of images across agencies for those photographers who sign revenue share agreements with their models, makeup artists or assistants.

StockPerformer user MichaelJay shows some more screen captures and feature he is using in his blog. He also mentioned that he will use the data to analyze which images are doing particularly well at a certain agency and therefore might warrant image exclusivity at one of the microstock agency he supplies.

The cross agency collections work for the seven most popular microstock agencies StockPerformer covers: Shutterstock, iStock (including its Partner Program), Fotolia, Dreamtime, Depositphotos, 123RF and Pond5 – for exclusive contributors there is also an option to load the Getty Images sales of their premium images into the software.


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