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Stock Photo People 2000% Happier

700% more likely to have mixed race/mixed gender friends

700% more likely to have mixed race/mixed gender friends

A recent study published by a team of Heuristic Parapsychologists from the University of Komodia claims that people in stock photos are 70% happier than the general population.

Chief Researcher Avnish Humboldt said that stock photography subjects are a special breed, “they are able to show happiness, delight, and joy to a capacity that normal humans are unable to do. One minute they are asked to be happy working in a call center for erectile dysfunction, and then the next minute they are attractive and confident business people. Their families are so perfect and they are friends with Latinos, Asians, Europeans, and others.”

Read this article from New Camera News to find out what made stock people happier by 2000% than the rest of us ;-).

Realistic Digital Makeup by Pro Photographer Katja de Brujin

Before and After Digital Makeup Transformation

Before and After Digital Makeup Transformation

With decades of expertise in the field of beauty photography, Katja de Brujin has evolved from being a photographer into a master Photoshop retoucher. Countless of her works has been published around the world by beauty and fashion magazines. Katja developed a realistic touching style by editing photos carefully to avoid over-processed images that would make it look fake and unreal.

Katja shared some of her tips in OnGoingPro for her step by step digital makeup process in Photoshop.

Each stage of the digital makeup application.

Each stage of the digital makeup application.

Her inspiration, the well-known book Makeup Your Mind by Francois Nars, contains before and after faces with different skin types that were perfectly photographed. It gives a retoucher insights how face changes under makeup and what products were used. And with the aid of this book, she started to experiment with makeup in Photoshop.

Photo credits © Katja de Bruijn

Shutterstock Launches Music Licensing to Complement Images and Video

Shutterstock Music Website

Shutterstock Music Website

Shutterstock has just launched Shutterstock Music, a music licensing offering thousands of high quality music tracks to add to commercial videos. Partnered with Rumblefish, the leader in music micro-licensing, it offers more than 60,000 tracks for license at launch and will continue to expand their collection to include songs from independent artists and music publishers.

“As technology makes it easier to stream rich media, our video footage licensing business has been growing rapidly,” said Shutterstock's Founder and CEO Jon Oringer. “With that comes a growing need for sound, and we felt we could offer high-quality music with simpler pricing than what is currently available,” he added. “Shutterstock makes it easier than ever for businesses to obtain the highest quality music for their productions.”

Visit Shutterstock’s Blog to learn more about Shutterstock Music.

PACA Change in Leadership

The Digital Media Licensing Association, PACA announced on June 2, 2014 a change in leadership as Steve Spelman, the incoming PACA President for this year’s term up to 2016 decided to resign from his position.

Sarah Fix of Blend Images

Sarah Fix of Blend Images

“Due to changes within the sales team in the New York office, I will no longer be working at Corbis, and as a result, I felt it best to resign as President of PACA,” Spelman said. “PACA is an extremely valuable and important part of our collective industry and my involvement over the years has been very rewarding. I look forward to rejoining PACA in the near future.”

Sarah Fix of Blend Images was unanimously elected as the new President of PACA by the nominations committee. On her previous term, she served as Secretary and is currently the Vice President of the executive board.

Read here to know more about PACA’s change in leadership.

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