Inspiring Stock Photo Ideas that Sell – Cool Tutorial by Photographer Zdenka Darula


Beginner stock photo contributors and photographers or enthusiasts looking to get started in selling their images at stock photo agencies often struggle deciding what to shoot that will sell well. If this is you, then photographer Zdenka Darula's video tutorial to find stock photo ideas that sell is a must watch for you!

Even if you're a seasoned microstocker, this artist's simple yet methodical ways can help you to find new potential best-sellers to add to your portfolio. So why not give it a watch?

See the Zdenka's tutorial video below! Or click here to watch it on YouTube directly. And read ahead for more deets on the author and what's so cool about her video!


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Who is Zdenka Darula?

Zdenka Darula

Zdenka is a Czech photographer based in Canada, who has a decade of experience in photography, having worked with relevant publications and brands from all over the world. She does all kind of photography, from fashion to nature to weddings, and specializes in new and first-time models.

Darula is also a former model and actor, which gives her a great understanding of the subject side of photography that she applies to her work.

She leads her own YouTube channel since 2014, where she shares insights, advice and tutorials for photographers, including the one that occupies us right now.

Stock Photo Ideas that Sell Tutorial – What's in the Box?

What is cool and useful in this video tutorial is Zdenka's take that adds a twist to the typical market research through most sold files in agencies and photography trend reports. She combines a calendar-style planning with analysis and inspiration to find not only the most profitable subjects to shoot, but also when to shoot them and, equally important when to upload them to the stock photo agencies in order to get the best results.

She walks you through the process that bases on the four seasons in the year to find possible topics, later expanding into your strengths that go beyond photography skills and preferences to include your resources, your connections and shooting possibilities to find unique POV's that result in photos that will perform well in the market.

She even provides you with a calendar plan sheet that you can customize with your own inspirations! Click here to download the Stock Photo Ideas Calendars by Zdenka Darula!

What do you think of this photographer's advice on finding your next selling shots? Are you going to try her suggestions?


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