Promote your Photaki photos on Facebook


Promote your Photaki photos on Facebook

Show your work and earn money through the affiliation program integrated with Facebook.

Social networks as Facebook give new opportunities for the diffusion of your photographs. For this reason Photaki has developed an application that let you keep all your contacts informed about your recent activity in Photaki (your latest published photos, your latest sold photos, etc.).

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Facebook application is integrated with the Photaki affiliation program, so all your contacts will become your partners and you will always be benefit from the commissions derived from their operations.

Photaki affiliation program has no time limitation. During your whole life you will benefit of the commissions earned on purchases and sales that your affiliates are doing (details on You will receive 15% and 10 % of the profits on all purchases and sales that your contacts make on facebook.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has a Facebook account, photographer or not, can participate. If you are a photographer you can earn money promoting your and the others web collaborators work. If you are not a photographer you can earn money promoting the others collaborators work on the web.

How does it work?

The application allows you to inform from your facebook wall about the latest Photaki news (latest published photos, latest sold photos, etc.). Every publication on your facebook wall generates an URL which contains your ID so every time an user click on one of the links he will become your affiliated.

Here a screenshot of the available buttons once you have connected your Photaky account to Facebook (Profile / facebook menu):

  • Make me known
  • Share latest images sold
  • Share an image
  • Share latest images
  • Share most popular images
Photaki Facebook Connection
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How can I join the Photaki’s facebook community?

Here you can find detailed information:


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