Pond5 claims unique feature with auto-tagging


Pond5 World Stock Media MarketplaceAs the video and still image agency Pond5 announced, a new feature is supposed to make contributor's life a bit easier: Auto-tagging will suggest keywords based on the content of an image.

According to Pond5, the feature is using “Artificial Neural Networks” to find the relevant keywords based on the structure of the images and videos. It is supposed to have a learning curve that will improve over time when using it on a regular basis.

“We’re always looking for ways to make our contributors’ lives easier. With auto-tagging, we’re helping them make more money while eliminating the most tedious part of the uploading process,” said Pond5 cofounder and CEO Tom Bennett.

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Pond5 Auto-Tagging Screenshot

Keywords automatically added by analyzing image content

My_PreferencesThe automatic suggestions can be found when after uploading the contributor opens the editing page for an image. Found keywords can be corrected, removed or replaced. Contributors can also always decide to go with their own keywords for each single image or turn off the feature completely in their preferences  at Pond5.

Did you already try out the new feature? We would be interested in hearing your experiences with it.


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