PicsaStock allows smartphone users to earn extra money with their snapshots


Berlin, 25th September, 2013. The Berlin start-up company launches a marketplace for smartphone and authentic imagery. Platform users can upload photos from anywhere in the world and earn extra money. International companies, freelancers, agencies and publishers will be able to buy authentic and up-to-date photos on for online and print usage.

PicsaStock basic data

  • The Stock Photography platform was founded in February 2013 in Berlin and launched in September 2013

  • Smartphone photographers can easily upload their photos on, earn 50% of each photo sold and keep rights of their images

  • The goal is to create the largest marketplace for authentic footage and images for companies worldwide

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Make money with your passion – without big efforts

The digital change in our society allows smartphone users to shoot professional photos. Via Instagram and 500px or directly from the phone or computer, users can upload their favourite photos in a few seconds into their PicsaStock gallery. The photos can be bought countless times by companies and can be used without a restricted edition. Photographers earn 50% of the sale price and retain the right of the image. When a photographer sells 10 images 10 times a week via, they can, depending on the license per week, earn around 130 USD without much effort. “I take photos with my iPhone everyday, edit them with various apps and upload them online. So why not earning money with your own photos and pictures via PicsaStock. With a size of 5 billion dollars and 300 million annual downloads, the stock photography market is a huge potential for smartphone photographers from around the world.“, says founder André Lutter.

PicsaStock confirmes Andy Warhol ‘s prediction from the '60s “In the future, everyone will be world- famous for 15 minutes.”

In the future, every photographer has the opportunity to be world-famous even for longer than 15 minutes via PicsaStock!“, says André Lutter. “The fact that my photos are purchased by international companies and used for online and print campaigns will not only increase the awareness of my photos but also my popularity as a photographer.” So far, around 14 billion photographs of 150 million smartphone photographers were uploaded on Instagram. The Time magazine used Instagram photos of smartphone photographers for their cover several times.

Even professional photographers appreciate the platform PicsaStock

Even before the launch reputable photographers have registered on, such as Thomas_K, Wisslaren and Fredericke Alexander. The ease of use of the platform and the global interest in authentic photographs were crucial and fundamental for the upload of over 1000 photos per day during the beta phase. By the end of the year PicsaStock anticipates more than 7 million images will be available on

About the company PicsaStock

PicsaStock is a stock photography marketplace for smartphone and authentic imagery. The company was founded in February 2013 by André Lutter. Photographers can share their authentic and up-to-date images via platforms such as Instagram and 500px or directly from their smartphone or computer and upload them on PicsaStock for sale. Photographers earn 50% of the sale price and keep the rights of their images. International companies receive authentic and newsworthy photo material for campaigns and other usage. With an investment from Slamdunk Capital and other angel investors PicsaStock launches in September 2013.


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