The Photography Industry Landscape

The Photography Industry Landscape by Taylor Davidson

The Photography Industry Landscape by Taylor Davidson

Taylor Davidson, a writer about technology, photography and travel created a very informative post about the photography industry landscape.

The photography industry landscape is a map that shows the flow of a photo from camera manufacturers and photographers down to a variety of users like consumers, brands, buyers and publishers. The goal of this landscape is to help in the strategic planning and analysis for everyone in the photography industry.

For example, a photographer that uses a Canon camera takes a picture and he can choose between Adobe and Camera Bits for editing. After editing, the photographer can both go to the post production service and upload the image to stock photography agencies where consumers can buy his photo or use a professional photo management and create an online portfolio where he can display his works.

There are still lots of workflow a photographer can discover on this one. Davidson calls “buckets” the companies which are grouped together based on their function and solutions and are ordered form left to right to show the flow of an image creation to destination. Some of the companies can be seen in multiple buckets if their services are broad but it doesn’t mean that they compete directly in a bucket.

The map was inspired by LUMA Partners’ LUMAscapes, a collection of maps of the advertising technology industry. They have mapped each of the overlapping key sectors of the digital media namely Display, Search, Video, Mobile, Social, Commerce and Gaming.

If you want to know more about this photography industry landscape, head on to Taylor Davidson’s website.


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