How Much Photographers Earn? Take Part in this New Survey by Jim Pickerell


Jim Pickerell, founder and author at Selling-Stock, is currently running an online survey to help determine how much editorial and general photographers around the world earn from selling their images.

The study, which opened in late August, hopes to bring on relevant info for photographers, photography students, licensing companies and buyers alike.

How to Participate in the Photog Income Survey

If you wish to take part in the survey, you can click on the SurveyMonkey link below. It consists of 8 questions and it shouldn't take more than two minutes to complete.

Answer the Photog Income Survey here. 

This is a completely anonymous survey: no personal data is required, IP addresses aren't tracked, and individual responses are totally confidential.

The main aim is to get data from photographers selling editorial images, but photographers of all backgrounds and segments are welcome. Question number 5 specifically determines how involved or not you are in the editorial photography business, and answers falling within “none to close-to-none” category will be considered separately in the final analysis.

You have time until mid-October to send it your answers, so do participate now to help yourself and your colleagues get a better understanding of your business.

When and Where to See the Results

The final data and analysis of the survey will be published by Pickerel in his digital publication in late October.

While the most relevant content in this site is on a pay-to-read model, the Photog Income Survey results will be free for everyone to access, as well as for publications wanting to share them.

Preliminary Data and Desired Photographer Submissions

The survey is still open and running, but Jim has already shared some initial results. So far, the majority of respondents are over 50 years old, male, from North America and the UK, freelancers and with a considerable part of their business in editorial photography. See the full preliminary report here. 

As we said, all working photographers are welcome and encouraged to take part in the survey, but at this point, it's highly desirable that people outside the above-mentioned segments have their input: younger photographers, from every corner of the world outside North America and Great Britain, are the most desirable ones. If you're within these parameters, know your answers would be really valuable for this study.

We invite you all to confidentially share your earnings situation in this private survey, so the entire photographers' community can benefit from an insightful view on today's industry

Take the Photog Income Survey today!


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