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Photaki is a stock photo agency where you can buy and sell photos, illustrations and vectors. Created by photographers and designers, now is one of the fastest growing archives of the Web.

Photaki Image BankThe origins

In 2001, a group of Spanish photographers decided to pool their photos and create a collection of their region. The fast growing of the project led to In 2009 the project exceeded all expectations and the company has begun a new stage of internationalization, with the launch of

Nowadays is a powerful tool for visual content distribution that every month incorporates over 10,000 new files sent by over 3,000 staff photographers. Photaki is currently available to the global market in 12 languages and each month more than 5 million potential international customers look at its archive. Some new agreements with American and European collections will increase their archives with thousands of new images.

For the buyers

Photaki integrates traditional distribution approaches with new royalty-free licenses. Subscription plan allows you to acquire the most exclusive pictures for the most competitive prices. The subscription provides a number of daily credits, between 10 and 300, with a price for download between 0.20 € and 0.40 €. You can also buy individual images from 0,70€, paying just the credits you will use.

For the photographers and illustrators

The higher fees of the market: between 50% and 80% for the sale of your images.

Fee value based on the number of downloads:

  • 0-4 downloads – 50% commission
  • 5-9 downloads – 60% commission
  • 10-14 downloads – 70% commission
  • 15 or more downloads – 80% commission

Other features:

  • An exclusive professional portfolio for collaborators
  • Detailed information about sales in real time, and payments through Paypal when you ask
  • Possibility to choose the prices for the use of your images
  • Unlimited store for your pictures
  • Detailed visits and sales statistics
  • No exclusivity asked
  • FTP upload available and IPTC data auto-import

Photaki affiliate program launch

Photaki has launched its new affiliate program that allow any user to make money through purchases and sales of their recommended. If you get an affiliate, this affiliate will become your partner forever and you will always get money of commissions earned from their operations.

photaki affiliation program

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