What happens when Five Professional Stock Photographers join Forces


Today in our second background story on MyStockPhoto I would like to introduce my good friend Giorgio Fochesato and friends. They started a exciting and astonishing new project which inspired us.


Hello Giorgio, tell us, whats behind your new project? It's not about stock photography right?

There is definitely a very strong passion behind the new project we decided to found. When I say “we”, I talk about a group of five professional stock photographers who decided to join the forces to create something new. We are Davide, Giorgio, Mattia, Mauro and Simone, we have been working in the stock industry for many years.

PeopleXplorer Team

PeopleXplorer Team: Mauro, Simone, Giorgio, Davide and Mattia

The peculiarity of our group is that we decided to work together even if in the “stock world” we are competitors. Three of us are currently exclusive with iStock, two of us are basically licensing their images only through Stocksy. We represent a very professional and strong group of people, with different skills. The key factor of our collective is that we believe that with passion everything is possible. In december we began to talk about the possibility to join the forces, in March we went online with the very first project. The name of the collective we founded is PeopleXplorers.

Whats the story behind PeopleXplorers?

The story behind PeopleXplorers is easy: we travel the world, we meet people, we heard stories, we lived a lot of experiences. We believe that there are a lot of people who deserve to tell their story. We want to explore, we want to meet as many people as possible. We want to give everyone the possibility to speak.

Why didn't you start something new in stock photography?

We are at the very beginning, but we are investing a lot of energies. At a certain point of our life we realized that doing only stock photography was not enough for us. We needed something new. We needed new goals. PeopleXplorers aims to become a magazine based on video interviews. At the moment we finished two projects that are visible on our website peoplexplorers.com. All the videos have english subtitles. The existing projects are based on very different experiences.


The first one is taken in a daily center with psychiatric patients. They are all great painters and they invest the majority of their time drawing and painting. We spent one day with all of them. The result is a video that tells why they are painting and what are their emotions when they do it.

The second project talks about an Italian sportsman, Max Calderan, that became famous because he is able to cross the deserts, without any kind of supports. We met him, we saw his training and we tried to understand his secrets.

Wow, that are really awesome projects, lovely and inspiring videos as well. So whats next on your mission for PeopleXplorers?

As you can you see we are moving in very different areas. We don’t want to limit our possibilities. Right now we are finishing two other projects. I can’t say anything about the incoming projects, all I can say is that I just came back home after walking for 100 km in the Alps with a group of people, taking interviews. That’s all. Our mission is to explore and we are animated by the spirit of rock’n’roll.amos

Rock on Giorgio, some last words from the team to all the stock photographers out there?

If you are a stock photographer I would suggest to look around you. Look for fellow photographers. Join the forces and create something new. It will add a lot of beneifts to your daily job. Let’s see what are some of the positive things that could happen:


Free your mind.

Focusing on a new project will free your mind. You won’t go crazy for stock numbers, instead you will wake up thinking “what will be our next project”

Mauro Grigollo: stock photographer since 2009. Lifestyle and portraits. Exclusive with iStock.


You are not alone.

The stock photography is often a job where all the responsability is just on yourself. Focusing on different projects with other people you will share this part of the game.

Simone Becchetti: stock photographer since 2010. Lifestyle and portaits. His images are licensed through Stocksy.


Boost your creativity.

This is the best part of having a parallel project totally disconnected to stock photography. You will soon realize that new experiences will add a bonus to your creativity. The next day, when you will open your notebook, you will be surprised by the total amount of new ideas you will be able to write down.

Davide Illini: stock photographer since 2010. Food photography and winter sports. Exclusive with iStock.


Create new business opportunities.

You never know what could happen if you create a collective until you try.

Mattia Pelizzari: stock photographer since 2010. Lifestyle and portraits. His images are licensed through Stocksy.


Stay positive, continue to evolve and never stop exploring.

Giorgio Fochesato: stock photographer since 2007. Travel photography. Exclusive with iStock.

Thanks for sharing your great story with us, very much appreciated. I hope we see some more beautiful projects in the near future.


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