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PantherMedia launches a new contributor portal that sets a new standard for the image submission process – The microstock agency PantherMedia offers a new standard in image submission, allowing for multiple image submissions simultaneously and time savings to the busy photographer.

panthermedia contributor portal

Munich, February 21, 2011: Today, PantherMedia ( launches its new contributor portal for photographers. It features a brand new image submission system featuring easy administration for portfolios and accounts.

Photographers, who want to sell their photos online, can now upload their photographs fast and easy using PantherMedia’s new contributor portal. One of the key features of this new system is batch processing which allows the photographer to upload and submit multiple images at the same time. Contributors are offered the choice between web-upload or FTP.

Fast Uploads, Fast Tagging and Multi-Image Processing

Mandatory information like keywords, model releases and legal information is usually tagged image by image with most uploads to microstock agencies. PantherMedia has now simplified this task with the capability to apply these tags to multiple images at the same time with just one click. This saves a lot of time, especially when uploading a series of images. This new batch uploading and editing feature reduces this otherwise tedious task to only one to two minutes for a single image and less than a minute per image for a whole series.

“By working very closely with international top contributors, we have identified the needs of our contributors and the weaknesses of current systems. We have set a new standard with our new contributor portal,” said Peter Ammel, PantherMedia’s CTO.

Additionally, PantherMedia introduces new functions to its image management system for easier and faster administration. Contributors can sort and filter images by date, submission and approval status. These features supplement a new model and property release interface. That interface allows users to add age, gender and ethnicity information for each model, improving submission time while improving the search function for international customers.

Photographer Endorsed

Yuri Arcurs, the world's top-selling microstock photographer, enthuses, “good job Panthers! Excellent new features, fresh design and highly user-friendly. I especially like the filters option.”

Uploading thousands of images at one time, top photographer Sean Prior was enthusiastic: “The new PantherMedia submission portal is really quick and easy to use. The selection process is really fast as you can batch a select number of items at the same time, making batch submissions very manageable.” “The interface is quick and easy for anyone to learn. We are saving a huge amount of time in submitting which allows us to get out and shoot more,“ he said.

Main new features:

  • Batch processing allows the upload and submission of multiple images in one simple step.
  • IPTC-import of titles and keywords through HTML- and FTP-upload.
  • Less mandatory fields allow a faster upload process.
  • Import of all or only selected images from the photographers´ FTP-directory into the contributor portal.
  • Upload of up to five images simultaneously per HTML-Upload and unlimited images per FTP.
  • New and easier model release and property release management area for editing property and model details (name, age, ethnicity, etc.).
  • Many innovative search- and filter functions allow a better management of the portfolio: search for pending, accepted, resubmitted and rejected images.
  • Optional presets to enable easy assignment of rights.
  • Overview of up to 100 images per page possible, optional with different thumb sizes.
  • More support for web browsers of the major operating systems with the look-and-feel of a local application, and a faster performance.
  • All main administrative functions on one portal (upload, administration, accounting, payout, statistics, etc.)


Lee Torrens, owner of microstockdiaries: “PantherMedia's new submission process is super-quick and well structured. It's exactly what serious microstock contributors need to minimize their distribution costs. It's now among the best in the industry.”

Tyler Olsen, owner of the microstockgroup: “The new tool looks great and makes processing and submitting your images very speedy. Their batch edit function is a very welcomed (and essential) feature.”

Robert Kneschke, microstock-author and photographer: “The submission of new images, especially series of images, is very fast and intuitive”.

panthermedia logoAbout PantherMedia is an online marketplace for royalty-free photography, bringing buyers and sellers together on a common platform divided into a photocommunity for photographers and a stock agency for art buyers..

The photocommunity serves as the creative heart of the image marketplace. Professional photographers and shutterbugs from all over the world can upload, rate and comment on images. They can share their experience, further develop their photographic skills and showcase their artistic potential.

After a legal and qualitative check through PantherMedia, image reviewers choose adequate images for the stock agency. Agencies, publishing houses and enterprises that need images can license images for their individual purposes – either as single images or through a flexible subscription plan.

The revenues will be shared with photographers. This novel business model allows through so-called „User Generated Content“, provided by over 40,000 photographers worldwide, to keep the offer of RF-images far below the average market price. is an enterprise of PantherMedia GmbH with headquarters in Munich, Germany and was founded in October 2004. At present, PantherMedia offers more than 1.5 million images worldwide directly and via an international network of over 90 distribution partners in 40 countries. During the FounderChampions competition of the 25th German Days of Founders and Entrepreneurs PantherMedia represented the Federal State of Bavaria as the best Bavarian Start-up.


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