New pricing scheme at PantherMedia


Panthermedia announces a new interesting policy pricing that will try to optimize the sales opportunity per image based on the sales history of each image. The new pricing scheme has three price tiers: BLUE, RED and BLACK. Prices indicated in the next table are dynamic:






1,90 €

2,90 €

3,90 €


2,90 €

5,90 €

9,90 €


9,90 €

19,90 €

39,90 €


14,90 €

29,90 €

59,90 €


19,90 €

49,90 €

79.90 €


24,90 €

69,90 €

99,90 €

Once uploaded, images are classified as follow (details here)


Category BLUE

Category RED

Category BLACK

1. Image review after upload all standard images all images with arecommendation all images with aneditorial tip
2. Image was sold  > Image changes in RED > Image changes in BLACK
3. Image is not sold  within 12 months
 < Image changes in BLUE < Image changes in RED

The Panthermedia intenstions are:

  • Old or unsold images get a second chance
  • New and elaborate images are sold at higher prices
  • The sales opportunities for images of all categories will improve
  • The average price at Panthermedia increases

The next charts explains visually this process,  Algorithm of the new pricing scheme at PantherMedia

panthermedia new pricing step 1

Algorithm of the new pricing scheme at PantherMedia
Step 1: Upload of your images

panthermedia new pricing step 2

Step 2: Dynamic classification



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