Microstock Subjects: Seniors in Action


Microstock Subjects: Seniors in Action

Inspired by John Lund’s post “A suggestion for earning more money in Stock Photography”, always a precious source, I’ve decided to publish this post about a range of activities related to senior people that could be microstock / stock photo subject. John suggests to:

“Shoot seniors. Shoot mature adults living active, vital lives… Shoot ETHNIC seniors! Shoot seniors at work, at play, running there own businesses, enjoying their grandchildren…”

Seniors and renewable energy

The first analysis tries to merge two strong concepts, active seniors and the hot theme “Renewable Energy”. I can mention, to underline the importance of this concept, the European Union strategy called 20-20-20: energy efficiency should be increased by 20%, carbon emission should be reduced by 20% and 20% of the overall energy mix should be generated from renewable energy sources.

The useful picNiche site rates  good values for these concepts; I use the term “renewable” and not “alternative” because the last one is often associated with fitness/yoga images – yes… another good subject to associate with the senior one :-). Just to remember, higher is the picNiche Rating value, higher is the likelihood of making a sale as a result of that keyword phrase on your images.


If you browse these search results on microstock sites, you will find a great lack of senior people involved in activities related to wind/solar/generic renewable energy concepts.  You can find children and men at work, for example:

child playing with the wind near a wind turbine
© itestro – Fotolia.com
Energy Efficient Solar Panels
© lisafx | iStockphoto.com

So, just a few suggestions to fill the gap:

  • senior people looking at their domestic solar equipments
  • senior people walking in an aeolian  field
  • senior man/woman talking with the technicians for a new energy project
  • senior man/woman in a store of solar electric power systems

Seniors and home improvements

Another concept inspiration, coming from Stacey Goldberg on Vivozoom Blog, “DIY – Home Improvement“, is well linkable to active mature healthy people that are involved in home improvements, painting, gardening, etc. The search results for “people home painting” give you a lot of young couples but you can also find a senior “Happy repairman“…

Home improvement: Young couple painting wall
© CandyBoxPhoto – Fotolia.com
Happy repairman
© Alexraths | Pixmac.com
  • There are really a few pics with Hispanic or other ethnic categories present in the libraries
  • It's not safe to have a shooting on a roof renovation set… but some small works are fitting the needs of long-lived people!

It's time to photograph seniors in action, keep the good light and build a great series.

Just published on Lookstat Blog a great analysis that can be a precious further reading: Microstock Photography Trends – Active Seniors (Part 1 of 2).

woman and home renovation
© Pinky77 | Photocase.com

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